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2003-01-11 18:30 - Web site v3.0 Discontinued - GurkoZ

As of today, this website v3.0 is discontinued and will no longer be updated. A new version has been in development for the past two years and will go online in a couple of months.

2001-10-04 22:00 - Website v4.0- GurkoZ

Yepp, hello there ppl! ;o)

Yes im back, yes im actually updating, no im not dead ;o) hehe, well, it's sure have been a while since the last update here. Never the less, ppl are still visiting this site, and i yet to this day get a lot of emails regarding it. Thanx for all the feedback! ;o)

So, what have i've been dooing this last, uhm.. year.. ( geeses, have it really been so long?), well, i'll tell you... "i've been doing absolutely nothing, and you know what? it was all i'd ever dreamed of" (Office space, rent it today!) no seriously, i've been living on the easy street. Ofcourse i've been working at my job as usual. And i guess that's what made me so sloppy with the updates... 8 hours webdesign a day, is just about enough... when i got back home from work i just didn't feel like doing another 5 hours worth of html coding. But i must say, times have changed. It's time for retribution! ;o)

Soooooo, let me bring you up to date with the future plans.. in my last update, i talked about the ProjectX thingy. I did quite some work on that, but as time when by i realized i was aiming to high. So i canned that project, and slowley started to plan on another version of this website.

It's been a slow process, but in the recent weeks things have started to speed up. I've still have a long way to go, but now im at least up to speed ;o)

So, how will the new 4.0 version turn out? well, it's pretty sketchy at this point, but general idea will be a more straight fact spresentation of GurkoZ Productions. It will feature an updated version of the Creation Archive, and i'll put a lot of effort into that. Other that this, i'll add some new features and sections. ;o)

By looking at the previous site, it struck me as pretty impossible to create something that superseeds the 3.0 version. So, the solution to this will be to have the previous sites available too. This will prevent me from "loosing" some parts, and be forced to "do it all again" in a new site version.

In any way, GurkoZ Productions is about to go v4.0!

2000-06-11 19:30 - ProjectX - GurkoZ

Today starts the first day of my new ProjectX.

Alot of you guys out there have continuously asked me about graphics related issues. "how did you do that?", "what plugins do you use?", "teach me how.." and so on. When i first designed GurkoZ Productions, the idea was to handle all those questions in the "design guide" section. But the whole site has grown to such an extent that i can't longer implement that section in the way it was first intended to. Im already starting to dislike the 3.0 design on this site, and my skills has advanced since i designed the base.

So, if im going to do my Design Guide, i'll start from scratch... new design, new layout, new domain, new ideas.

I have not yet to this point decided on a name for this thing, but i won't use the "Design Guide". After a lot of planning and thinking, i came up with the concept of an "all Swedish creation community".

There are numerous sites featuring tutorials and trix similar to what i have in mind, but none that i know of that are in Swedish. So the plan is to give you all Swedish design junkies a community to turn to. ;o)

This will start out as a primary graphics tutorial resource, where you can learn all about techniques and trix to enhance your creations. But i already have bigger plans, and that is to turn the site into not just a graphics community, but a whole "creative" community, dealing with all sorts of creations.

This will be the first major GP project that i'll share with another part. He will add his experience to the site in the form of tutorials and knowledge. I have no doubt about the fact that this will be a kickass cooperation. You will get a full presentation of him when the site is up.

Later on, i plan to "hire" additional coworkers to write tutorials and articles about their primary field experience.

Anyway, this is the initial plans, and we have a long way to go, so i guess things will change over time ;o)

In any way, it's time for a Swedish community for Creations ;o)

2000-05-23 19:15 - Update - GurkoZ

Time for an update here, don't you think? ;o)

I've been involved in a number of projects the past time, so i sadly admit that this site have suffered.

But fear not, i have big plans in mind ;o)
just started today, on the first plans and edits on my, yet to this point "secret" project ;o). It's all in the early stage, but i have a feeling this will turn out pretty fine. [more info to come]

Other than this, im back @ my old work since a month back doing various tasks. This time im hired under the title "Graphical designer" so now i'll be able to work from a wider spectra. Both dealing with web related and layout/design.

The last couple of days i've been dooing some more sketches.. and i soon found myself hooked into small ugly goblins ;o),

these are just quick edits, so i guess i'll make some clean up work later.. but then again, i got a whole bunch of sketches that never going to be more than just that.

2000-04-13 16:03 - Logo Contest - GurkoZ

Just finished my work on my contribution to the QuakeNet Logo Contest..

Got this strange idea to make a "net" kinda thingy.. where the quake dude would be messed up in.. or should i say nested up in.. anyway, time will tell if it was time well spent.

2000-04-06 18:11 - Quake III Update - GurkoZ

Well this update sure is dedicated to Quake III hehe ;o) It consists of some months of furious Pak and skin editing.

First of is the long awaited Quake III Enhancement. This time featuring new sounds and graphics. I've spent quite some time editing and messign, all to get this pak at it's peek of quality and value. Hope the effort was well spent. ;o)

Download the enhancement: gpq3eh10.zip - 5.5mb

Just made the final edits on the new Cult Of The Shadow Quake III Arena clan skins.. featuring the same demon kinda dude as in the previous skin versions.. this one has gone under some serious battering with a busted ribcage and minor cuts.. hehe.. well hey.. it's Quake 3, this bloke is a veteran ;o)

Spent quite some timed editing small details and messing with shaders... the skin features glowing eyes and the trained eye ( high texture quality ) can dedect burning within the ribcage ;o)

Shaders sure is a nice feature for skins ;o)

Dowload the skin: skin_cotsq3.zip

Also, i just had to create a skin of myself... hehe.. yeh i know.. hehe i look kinda strange, but the fact remains that the model is pretty hard to skinn ;o) anyway.. just a fun project ;o)

Dowload the skin: skin_gurkozq3.zip

2000-03-22 14:00 - Update - GurkoZ

Eyh out there! i just thought a small update would be nice... it's been a while, and i've spent the last couple of days editing and messing with my upcoming Quake III Enhancement ( i.e. pakfile ), it's going pretty well and i should have a release finished in a near future.. after some final fixes and LAN testing ;o)

Other than this, i'll continue creating and managing websites ;o)

Im planning on doing some more work on this site, but i yet have no finished stuff to show you... but hang in there, time will tell ;o)

2000-03-11 13:40 - Piggie piggie - GurkoZ

Eyh, a small update about my recent logo work.. A logo for the Quake clan Piglet. a bunch of really cool guys ;o)

First made a paper based sketch... did that in an hour or two, then scanned it for some photoshop work...

2000-03-06 18:41 - Projects - GurkoZ

eyh! ;o)

Time for an update...
I've planned a few fixes and stuff on this site, but im quite busy with some sites and logo work for some time,. so i'll be back here with a new update when i got some finished work to show you ;o)

Other than this.. i've spent some time messing with some old sketches in photoshop.. here are some of em.. just made quick edits,.. so these ain't final. when i get more time i'll do some full featured versions to place in the creation archive section.

Currently, i don't have the time to work on the design guide section,.. but when it's up and running, it will feature in depth techniques and tricks on how to color and enhance scanned images like these.

Looking at the picture, you can see the two main layers of multiply coloring in photoshop. The one to the left is the scanned image, and the one on the right is a colored bumpmap. it's a great way to give a dull black and white drawing more life and depth.


2000-02-29 15:14 - Progress - GurkoZ

Well, well... im very pleased with the kickoff start this site experienced the last week... wayh cool ;o) Now im just going to fix some minor issues regarding the site. and after that i'll focus my effort on other jobs and projects.

Started some sketching the other day... pretty cool.. i'll try and devote more time in the future to this cause.. i sure like it ;o) This, and expanding my skills in Flash will be the two biggest tasks i'll dedicate the next couple of months to. ;o)

2000-02-27 01:04 - Update - GurkoZ

Eyh... tanx for da biiiiiig response in the site.. a lot of you gave your feedback about the site and the content. although you can't please all viewers, i hope over all... people liked it. ;o)

This first online project wen't pretty ok... experienced some problems with the preload on mouse over images.. and i need to check that.. other than this.. it ran quite smooth.

some managed to get explorer to crash.. but i can't figure out the reason for that.. on my, and many other users system,... it worked fine.. i might need to reduce some of the more complex layout.. ;o/

and sorry about me putting my face on the sections here.. apparently some didn't like that..but hey, it's my "homepage", so i can't really put pictures of you there, now can i?... photos are a great material to build stuff. but then again, i can replace em with donald duck photos if that's less offensive.

2000-02-26 04:00 - IT'S ONLINE!!!!!! - GurkoZ


What about this for some news... IT'S ONLINE!!! ;o) After about two years of hard effort, tonnes of hours of editing, lots of html, a whole bunch of designing, and of course, many many redbull's. Yes people...
it's finally Online! ;o)

I'd never saw this release comming, i just kept editing and re-designing, again and again... im still having a hard time to see this as a 100% full release,.. there are a number of things i would like to edit and change.. but i'll just had to realize the fact that a website never gets 100... anyway.. it's pretty much 100 for a release ;o)

One big part of the site that i just had to put a "Under construction" stamp on, was the Design Guide. This would be an impossible task to finish in the pre-release state. So this section will grow as time goes. Another thing is the flash main menu, but this will be available in the next big update.

Anyway, stop reading the news, and start exploring the site! have fun! ;o)

Creation Archive

04/13 -00 Logo Update

Added the Piglet & QuakeNet logos in the Logo section.


04/06 -00 Quake III Update

Added the COTS and GurkoZ Quake III skin in the Skin / Game section.

Added the GurkoZ Productions Quake III Arena Enhancement in the Game / Pak Files section.


02/26 -00 ONLINE!!!

The creation archive section is finally online!